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   Apr 21 2014
   Tiger University
   Apr 23 2014
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   CST Testing begins
   Apr 28 2014
   CST Week 2
   May 05 2014
   AP Spanish Lang
   May 06 2014
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   May 07 2014
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   AP Eng Lang.
   May 09 2014
   PLC Monday - Min day sched.
   May 12 2014
   AP Bio
   May 12 2014
   Gala Choir Concert- PAB
   May 12 2014 at 07:00 PM
   May 13 2014
   AP Gov
   May 13 2014
   AP Span Lit
   May 16 2014
   ALL Spring Sports Banquet- PAB
   May 19 2014 at 06:00 PM
   Tiger University
   May 21 2014
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Welcome to the Woodlake Union
 High School Web Site!

...    WHS Mock Trial - Exciting competition for 2014 is over, see Mr. Summers for MT 2015!.... Academic Decathlon - AD team ends another successful season Conatact Mr. Jensen to join the team for 2015!  ....

 Senior Exit Interviews are set for April 4th and 11th!



  New Family/Community Involvement Workshops
No Parent Left Behind
Being a well rounded student today is a challenge of rigor and high expectations, in order to be fully prepared to enter a college and career pathway in the their future.  This requires a major balancing act of focusing on academics, and involvement in athletics, Activities and Arts.  The fact is that students need the collaborative effort and support from both parents and school working together to get each student inspired and focused on the ultimate GOAL:  Success in and out of the Classroom!

Where:  Performing Arts Building (English Sessions)
Band Room (Spanish Sessions)
Time:  5:30 pm
(Child Care Provided)


Topics of Workshop

December 10, 2013


February 3, 2014

Parenting Adolescents

March 22, 2014

Self Esteem and Values

April 22, 2014

What Parents Need to Know About

Common Core Standards

Spring Semester Parent Workshop
When:  January 21, 2014 @ 5pm
Where: Performing Arts Building (PAB)
Titled:  "Helping your Child Succeed at WHS"

Topics Covered:  What parents need to know about PowerSchool, Tiger University, RTI, and Graduation Requirements.

Click here to download the 21st Century informational flyer


  2013 WHS Cheer Squad

WHS Cheer Squad

College Options
Follow the link to search for the college of your choice

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The Ivy League Project
Any 10th or 11th grade students
Interested in applying to an Ivy League school?
Follow the link below to participate in a unique program and scholarship opportunities.

Go to the Project!


  New 2013 Student Hand Book is Here!
Go to the Counseling Resources and Forms webpage or Click Here to download a copy of the new handbook.

New Student Database - Access your student's current grades and more! Go to PowerSchool

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Library On Line - View and access your student's library account, check out and reserve books, join a book community - Check it all out!

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Portfolio Resources - Forms & Templates.        
Go to Portfolio Resources

New Resources for AP Calculus Students.   Check out Woodlake's very own Calculus Page

Woodlake Mock Trial 

MT 2014 - See Mr. Summers to join the team!

Join the team for an experience you will never forget

Mathematics - Two ways to visualize Pi
Pi flattened out
Pi  flattened out
Pi  un-rolled
Pi un-rolled

Pi = 3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279 50288 41971 ...
Just a little over 3 diameters in length

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